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Why Eva Mazzei Tutoring?

At Eva Mazzei Tutoring, our tutors take a holistic approach to life long learning, helping our clients build a nourishing relationship with the thinking process.  Eva Mazzei Tutoring provides individualized care for each student, creating personalized regimens for all.

Through a series of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory exercises, Eva Mazzei Tutoring helps strengthen new neurological pathways and trains each unique brain to put their quirks to work for them, fostering a true, lifelong love of learning.

About Eva Mazzei

Eva Mazzei is an Education Consultant based out of Vancouver, BC, where she has worked with youth for over 25 years. In addition to tutoring and consulting for teachers, Mazzei has taught high school Sciences, French, and Special Education. Mazzei received her Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia University, where she specialized in Biology and minored in French. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s Degree in Education both from the University of British Columbia. Mazzei holds a Teacher’s Certificate from the province of British Columbia and from Washington State.

Eva Mazzei has dedicated her life to effective learning practices and facilitating the success of others. Mazzei is a firm believer in personalized, individual approaches to education and has developed a number of multi-sensory learning techniques that have seen great success from neuro-atypical individuals.

Eva Mazzei Tutoring

3179 East 45th Avenue,

Vancouver, BC

V5R 3E2

phone: 778-828-3540

Links to Our Partners

Post Secondary/University Subject Tutoring.

At Elenchus, our goal is to support our students during their post-secondary education so that they leave not only with their desired academic qualification, but also with confidence, knowledge and skills required for success in life.

Believe in Your Child Organization

Purpose:To support the development of children to be socially, emotionally, and ethically grounded young men and women with a passion for learning who will transform their communities and achieve success on their terms. 

To promote strong parent-child relationships.

Learning Disabilities Association of British Columbia

LDABC’s mandate is to be the Provincial network and voice for persons with Learning Disabilities (LD) and those who support them. Founded in 1973, the association provides information and resources to ensure the full participation of children, youth and adults with LD in today’s society. Our mission is to advance the education, employment, social development, legal rights and general well being of people with learning disabilities in the province of British Columbia.

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Eva Mazzei Tutoring
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